Felipe Galindo/Feggo: Manhatitlan Codex

On exhibit from September 12 - October 18

The Grady Alexis Gallery presents Felipe Galindo/Feggo's exhibition "Manhatitlan Codex," which features works inspired by the ongoing phenomenon of the Mexican immigration to the US.

Part of an ongoing project that has occupied Galindo for more than a decade, the "Manhatitlan Codex" continues to explore -in the artist's characteristic humorous style-- the concepts of homeland, migration and globalization. The drawings are Galindo's twisted take on the legends and images of Mexico within the New York City landscape. "Manhatitlan" is a name Galindo coined that merges Manhattan-the Algonquin name for "island"-with the Aztec name for Mexico City, Tenochtitlan.

Galindo, a cartoonist, illustrator and animator, has lived in Manhattan since the 1980s. His work has appeared in many American and international publications and has received numerous awards. Galindo has had 18 individual exhibitions in the United States, Greece, and Mexico.

Exhibition curated by Andrea Arroyo.

Camila SanchezSeptember 2008