George Serrano: The Woogie and Woogiela Series

George Serrano is a self-taught artist living in New York City. He is of Puerto Rican and Jewish descent. He has participated in numerous group shows as well as solo exhibits in colleges, public libraries and galleries. Most recently, his works have been displayed at the Consulado General de Peru, the United Nations (through the Latin Workshop Society), the International Dominican Center (New York), the Art Gallery of the Colombian Consulate, the Multi-Cultural Club at Hunter College and in galleries in Madrid, Spain.

Oil paint is Serrano's preferred medium and he enjoys experimenting with its unlimited color combinations and textures. His work has been influenced by artist friends of his as well as by the works of Modigliani, Turner, Cezanne and Chagall. He believes they have reflected their true feelings and emotions through their usage of color on canvas.

On "Woogie & Woogiela," Serrano says: "The series of paintings concerns the 'woogie' and 'woogiela.' imaginary creatures from the bedtime stories my mother would tell me when I was a child. One story concerned a comet with a tail so long it touched the earth, causing woogies and woogielas to fall upon it. The woogies and woogielas would run off and seek out sleeping children, whom they would then spirit away to dreamland where the children would play, laugh and sing. The children fortunate enough to be visited by woogies were so tired by their adventures that they would sleep the night away.

"These paintings are dedicated to my grandchildren Alexis and Emmie, who have brought me so much happiness, and whose laughter reminds me of the stories my mother told me to try to make me fall asleep."

Camila SanchezSeptember 2005