Andrea Arroyo and Invited Artists: Painting the Americans (North and South of the Border)

On exhibit from September 17 - October 15El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present "Painting the Americas - North and South of the Border", at its Grady Alexis Gallery. The show features works chosen by the gallery's selection committee, lead by noted artist Andrea Arroyo, as well as the work of invited artists. 

Invited artists include well-known humorist/artist, Felipe Galindo-Feggo showing his piece "Fourth of July" that was featured in the Daily News, and El Taller's Founder/Artistic Director, Bernardo Palombo, showing "Sagrada Familia", a depiction from his song "La misa inmigrante/The Immigrant Mass": "Jose Maria, y Jesus tambien eran inmigrantes / Joseph, Mary and Jesus were immigrants too". Other works include Brooklyn artist, Nina Talbot's intriguing story-portraits "Daniel's Story" and "Koreen's Story"; San Fransisco based artist, Eduardo Rodriguez's linotype diptych "My Father working in his studio during the Depression" and local artist, Tony Gieger's small work "Crying Mexican with Handkerchief". 

The show, opening during Hispanic Heritage month, is an exhibition that has invited domestic artists to create works that reflect their perceptions the Americas: north and south of the border. The Gallery believes that the exhibition will encourage discourse about the many complex themes associated with International policies as well as present work that illuminate cultural similarities. 

We also hope to arouse interest in political and humanitarian topics which ultimately reflect the mission of El Taller's Grady Alexis Gallery, to be an open space where creative acts and cultural interchange dispel fear and mistrust between communities. 

Exhibition curated by Jennifer Pliego and Andrea Arroyo. 

Camila SanchezSeptember 2009