The Kids Project

On exhibit from June 26 - July 10

The Kids Project is proud to showcase photographs taken by some of New York City's inner city kids, particularly kids from East Harlem. The exhibit will display 48 images, including self-portraits and other still shots. All photographs were taken with disposable cameras by young kids ages 8-10.

This special exhibit is the culmination of a 5-week long program that started in the fall/winter of 2007 and sought to expose inner city kids with enriching arts opportunities that they otherwise would not have access to. 16 children participated in the program, which consisted of five two-hour skill-building workshops including composition, content and style. Each child was lent a disposable camera loaded with 36 exposures that allowed them to creatively capture their daily interactions with their communities, families and friends. The images are honest depictions of the kids' daily lives as seen through their nascent, artistic eyes. The exhibit will feature 3 pieces of work from each child that were chosen as their favorites.

The Kids Project was created by a group of young New York City artists and is made possible by 100% volunteer work of the following people - Christina Baute, Israel de la Cruz, Amy Lee, Leticia Perelstein, and E-Anna Soong - to support, encourage and guide the kids of this generation towards a new, positive direction through art.

The Kids Project will hold an opening reception at El Taller Latino Americano on June 26, 2008 at 6PM. The reception and exhibition, which will run until July 10 is open and free to the public. Come and enjoy the impressive body of work taken by our budding young artists!