Adolfo Revuelta's INNER IMAGES (Imagenes del Centro)


Adolfo Revuelta's presence in sculpture began with a mature use of traditional materials such as wood and steel. He then turned to conceptual art (through organic and figurative expressions), backed by an emotional and straightforward discipline, both in precise drawing and in the making of his sculptures.

The economic cost of transforming matter sometimes creates problems for an artist's language. Through the observation of natural elements, including a dry branch, tree or a recently found stone as well as his respect for the sculptor, Scholsser, Revuelta has searched for his own language. His appreciation for organic rubbish is clearly seen in his piece, "sarcophagus for a tree".

Adolfo Revuelta was born in Palencia, Spain, and studied Art at the Universidad de Salamanca. Since 1972, his work has been exhibited in several European galleries. This is his first exhibition in the United States.