Fotografias de Mauricio Ushiña A.: "Imagenes cotidianos y tradicionales en Ecuador"

Winner in the 5th National and 1st Continental Competition of Photography and Video, "Women, Images and Testimony 2000" in Cuenca, Ecuador.

To think and to question oneself and one's surrounding world seams to be an inherent human quality. Ushiña does it through photography. To me, it appears that the vantage point of art from the street has permitted him to be close to people, to speak of himself through the things that happen, to suggest whether he is for or against something, but in a clear, agreeable and conversational tone. All themes are important and vital to him. He brings them into focus with a sharpness and skill that is both acurate and passionate. Photography - his photography - becomes a reflective antidote, full of warmth, battling pedantry and dogmatic intimidation.

--Fabián Guerrero Obando


I am a son of the Earth in this, the Center of the World, Quito. My roots come from the indigenous village of Kita Kara. I wish to capture, to recover our historical memory through photography. My real work is to record in images the identity of nationalities and the traditions of the indigenous peoples of Ecuador.