Heriberto Turizzo Anaya: Thirty Years Retrospective

Turizzo's paintings can be considered a pictorial representation of his fellow countryman Gabriel García Márquez' "magical realism", and defy all characterization. Turizzo is truly an original artist, with an incredible command of color and form, who finds his inspiration in natural landscapes and in his own personal mythologies.

"Turizzo's works are fanciful departures from the real world. Although they are figurative in style, fish swim in the sky and birds fly in the water. A tree becomes the Mona Lisa and animals lurk in the red bluffs of the Grand Canyon. Adults and children, alike, are drawn into his visual plots and come away with a new view of the real world and its possibilities."
Lucy V. Davidson - Director of Arts Services, Flushing Town Hall

Herbert Turizzo Anaya was born in Cartagena, Colombia where he spent his early years in the jungle and later he moved to the city of Baranquilla. His work expresses a gamut of emotions starting with the experiences of his early life in Cartagena, his journey towards spiritual discovery and of the familiar fluctuations of family life. You will see the contrast between the nature of the jungle and the intensity of urban life, as well as an artful commentary about native South American cultures and the effects of colonization.

His paintings are part of private collections in the U. S. A., Europe and Latin America; his murals can be found in the Hostos Community College and in Jackson Heights.