Manhatitlan y Manhattan The Humorous Art of Felipe Galindo/Feggo

El Taller Latino Americano is proud to host Manhatitlan y Manhattan, The Humorous Art of Felipe Galindo/Feggo, an exhibition of watercolor drawings by the Mexican-born, New York-based artist. Felipe Galindo (a.k.a. Feggo) creates artworks that merge the universal languages of art and humor. Drawing by his own life as an immigrant, Galindo interprets cultural symbols and individual experiences.

The Manhatitlan* series features works inspired by the Mexican experience in New York and the exchange that takes place between the Mexican and American cultures (*Manhatitlán, a word Felipe Galindo coined, is a merger of two words: Manhattan and Tenochtitlán, Mexico City's Aztec name). Titles in the series include "Hip-Hop Mariachi", "Frida Kahlo's Christmas" and "Manhattan Matador". The Manhattan series features works that celebrate life in New York City, its landmarks, people and energy. Titles include "Central Park Centaur" and "Fire Hydrant Surfer". Some of these works have been published in The New York Times and the magazines Hauser in Germany and Nebelspalter in Switzerland.

Felipe Galindo, born in Cuernavaca, Mexico, graduated from the National University of Mexico's School of Visual Arts. He resides in New York City since the 80's. His illustrations and cartoons appear regularly in publications such as The New York Times, The New Yorker, Nickelodeon Magazine, Reader's Digest, The International Herald Tribune, Time Almanac for Kids, The Spectator UK, Crain's, The National Law Journal,, etc. He has been the recipient of international awards such as the "People's Choice Award" Omiya Humor Festival, Japan, the US/México Fund for Culture Grant, the New York Foundation for Arts "E. Boe Humor Award" and "Best Experimental" at the San Antonio CineFestival. His work has been exhibited extensively in solo and group shows around the world.

His award winning animations include The Manhatitlan Chronicles and Serenade. He is the author of Cats will be Cats, a collection of cartoons published by Penguin/Plume Books. He recently illustrated his first picture book My Teacher Can Teach .. Anyone! published by Lee & Low Books.

"The charm of Felipe Galindo's images is their universal language, often flavored with a strong dose of black humor, poetry, blithe innocence, irony and a surrealism as Mexican as the rest of his symbols".
Marisa Cespedes, Televisa Television.

"I laughed so hard at Feggo's cartoons that my tongue fell out of my mouth!".
Bill Plympton, Academy Award Nominated Animator.

The exhibit dates partially coincide with Hispanic Heritage Month (Sep.15-Oct15).