Ric Pliego: Visual Koans

Like stucco walls splashed with color and embellished with light and shadow, these paintings by Ric Pliego invoke the boldness of Mexican architecture rendered with the skill of a fine craftsman and the sentiment of rebirth.

"My paintings emerge from the exploration of the ambiguous relationship between abstraction and figuration and the interplay of form and color to express deep feelings, emotions and the iconic reality of sacred and secular symbols. My journey takes me deep into some place inside my soul where inner reality becomes outer form in a way that these visions become tangible realities."

Ricardo Pliego was born in Mexico and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in architecture. In L.A. he worked as a draftsman/designer until he found Art Center College of Design, where he majored in Advertising/Illustration. After graduation he moved to New York, working as an Art Director, Designer, Illustrator and Photographer for numerous large advertising agencies, but mostly for his own company. As the world of advertising design changed, he left the field of commercial art to devote his time to painting as a means of self re-discovery.