June 20, 2019. 6:00pm-8pm

On view:

June 8 - August 3

“What is the human being?” This universal question has never lost its relevancy. Part of the answer is that being human means embracing cultural diversity, yet humanity also requires valuing people as individuals. For those in caravans at the US border as well as immigrants who are already here, being human is holding on to aspiration in spite of accidents of birth. For others, it is a reverence for natural and social systems, as elaborated by artistic discourse. “Tribe” nowadays is defined by ethnicity, national origin, language, art work, etc, and focuses on underlining the diversity of life.

Curatorial Team: Luchia Meihua Lee - Jennifer Pliego -Sarah Walko- John Ensor Parker -Alexandra Wang

SECTION I. URBAN CARAVAN - Focuses on world caravans, that is, all those who choose to leave the hometown looking for a better life on the material or spiritual level. Including the art of New York and international artist representing several ethnicities.

Participating artists: Mita ANDO, Steven BALOG, Yutien CHANG, Ching Yao CHEN, Jen Pei CHENG, Andrea CORONIL, Che-Min HSAIO, Felipe GALINDO, Mingier KUO, Catherine LAN, Pey-Chwen LIN, LO, Yi -Chun, Lulu MENG, Kelly TSAI, Yu -chuan TSENG, Pei Shih TU.

SECTION II. URBAN REVERENCE - A dialogue between the city motion and the conflicts and harmonies of indigenous ritual and ceremony that might place an integral and holistic concern for nature at the center of environmental consideration.

Participating artists: Reinhard Blank, Stephanie Cheung / Chengwen Lin, Yeh Fang, Diana Heise, Sarah HAVILAND, Hiroshi JASHIKI, Alexander KHIMUSHIN, Walis LABAI (Dingwu WU), Lee WEI, Jason LUJAN, Eleng LULUAN, Sarah WALKO, J. Maya LUZ, Herberto Turizzo ANAYA.


  • New York Foundation for the Arts - June 1st to Sept 20. 20 Jay St, suite 740, DUMBO, New York City. Opening Reception June 8, from 6pm to 8pm.

  • TAAC Tribeca / E. Tay / R Gallery, -May 30 to July 15. 39 White Street, New York City. Opening Reception: May 30, from 6pm to 8pm.

  • El Taller Art Center, 215 E 99th St, New York City- June 8 to Aug 3. Opening Reception, Thursday June 20, from 6pm to 8pm.

  • Light Year 51: We the People, Manhattan Bridge, DUMBO, Brooklyn, American Independence Day, July 4th, 2019.

July 4th 2019, Light Year 51: We the People, Light Year will present their fifty-first consecutive exhibition on the Manhattan Bridge anchorage in Brooklyn. September 5th 2019, Light Year 53: Urban Tribes II- Urban Reverence.

Seminar 1: Urban Tribes and Urban Caravan (June 8, 2019 @ New York Foundation for the Arts)

Seminar 2: Global Indigenous expression / environmental themes (Oct 5, 2019, Rutgers University)