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Peña de las Americas

All America represented with music and dances, performed by artists of excellent level, in a great and friendly environment!

Featuring Gastón Pourrieux, Marta Gomez (Colombian Singer) performing Colombian Folk Music, accompanied by Franco Pina, Julio Santillán (of Los Changos), and Ana Quinteros singing tangos. Also featuring Galia y Emiliano (Dancers); Bernardo Palombo and Juan Pourrieux as special guests singing Argentine Folkloric Music.

"Cosas humanas, adentro y afuera"

"Cosas humanas, adentro y afuera" / "Human Things, Inside and Outside: Reflections on loneliness, good and evil, love, and war"

Featuring Mara Goodman, Martha Siegel, Gene Glickman, Sarah Safford, Ellen Davidson, Marie Robinson, Chrissy Word, Bernardo Palombo, Mike Tsukahara, Don Raphael, Ben Silver, Chris Carlson.

Mara sings, accompanied by keyboard, cello, guitar, and vocalists. Dancer Sarah Safford collaborates. Songs will be in English, Spanish, Yiddish and Old French.

The exact date of this concert is not known, but it occurred in the marked year around this time.

Earlier Event: May 6
Obo Addy & Valerie Naranjo
Later Event: May 27