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Malena is a Chilean singer. She studied voice at the Experimental Music in Santiago. In 1988, Malena was an active participant in the political campaigns to restore democracy in Chile. She sang in many political demonstrations and performed for thousands of people throughout Chile. After moving to New York, Malena auditioned and was selected for Music Under New York (MUNY), being the only South American woman participant in this organization. Malena has been studying voice at The Julliard School for the last two years, mixing Latin American folk music with classical voice technique. Malena has been working in the last year at recovering traditional Latin American songs in a new and original style. Malean is working with one of the most prominent Peruvian guitarists, Rufino Ortiz, creating a wonderful performance full of Latin feelings.

  • RUFINO ORTIZ -- guitar
  • PANCHO -- guitar
  • YAYO -- percussion

The exact date of this concert is not known, but it occurred in the marked year around this time.