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Jamie Begian Big Band

The Jamie Begian Big Band is bringing its unique blend of Jazz, Funk, Serialism and whatever else Jamie can synthesize back to the friendly confines of El Taller Latino Americano to celebrate the release of its second CD titled Big Fat Grin.

The Jamie Begian Big Band debuted at El Taller on February 18, 1999 and has earned a reputation over the last 11 years as an adventurous and unique sounding band, driven both by Jamie's broad compositional palette and a roster of outstanding musicians bringing that Palette to life. In addition to El Taller the band has performed at numerous NYC venues such as The Knitting Factory, The Bahai Center, The Cutting Room and several universities in the tri-state area.

The upcoming release of the band's new CD Big Fat Grin (on the Innova label ­ will show both growth and maturity since the band's 2003 debut CD Trance. Says Jamie: "On my first CD, Trance, I feel as if I was experimenting, figuring out my own unique voice. On Big Fat Grin, I think I have found my voice. I understand what I do and I can concentrate on what I can express with in my own voice. I also think I understand my band better. For the first time, I'm hearing specific soloists or picturing specific people playing certain parts."

The Jamie Begian Big Band is
Saxophones: John O'Gallagher, Marc McDonald, Ben Kono, Dimitri Moderbacher, Dan Goble

Trumpets: Tom Goehring, Dave Scott, Marty Bound, Jason Colby

Trombones: Jeff Bush, Deborah Weisz, Paul Olenick, Max Seigel

Rhythm: Bruce Arnold — guitar, Jamie Begian — guitar, Dave Ambrosio — bass, Peter Retzlaff — drums

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