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Threepenny University Jam Session

Beginning in September 2010, El Taller formed a collaboration with Spanish students Eric Darton and Katie Kehrig to create Threepenny University - a new educational collective where "Everybody teaches, everybody learns". The collective faculty/ students of Threepenny University have been meeting on a monthly basis to develop a pedogogy and curriculum while also brainstorming ideas for events, courses and fieldtrips all with this mission of community learning in mind. 

About the project, Darton says "...what we have come to think of as education may be recast as something more than the refinement of various fields of cognition and the production of experts in those fields. The opportunity now exists for education to be broadened, and deepened, into a process of actively seeking and constructing new systems of survival." The relational nature of Threepenny University allows for all who engage to participate as faculty in the constantly unfolding, ever-transforming process. 

With that, El Taller and Threepenny University open to the community for a special jam session led by guitarists Victor Weiss and Demian Palombo. 

Says Victor: "I've often thought about the fact that when musicians play together, there are those kinds of moments, when you can just listen to the music as a whole, when something special is created, when egos disappear. Maybe there's an art to playing with other people, maybe it's the art of listening. Maybe this can't, or shouldn't be over analyzed with words, maybe just learned by experience, by just playing with others." 

Bring your own instruments if you have them, or we'll provide hand percussion. 

Please RSVP, affirmations only, to Eric Darton at by Monday, March 14. For further information on this event or other Threepenny University programs, please feel free to email Eric Darton directly. 


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