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Newer Sounds Series -- Devyn Rush -- Jeremy Exelbert -- Bailen Brothers

Bringing the excitement of the Downtown music scene Uptown, "Newer Sounds" features the next generation of New York musicians ranging from psychedelic salsa by Brooklyn-based Llama to the folk rock sounds of The Bailen Brothers. 

Following in the path of El Taller Latino Americano's mission, the "Newer Sounds" concert series seeks to establish a community of young emerging artists on the Upper West Side where their works can be presented to an engaged audience of music lovers at a price accessible to all. 

The series is curated by New York-based composer and guitarist Aleksi Glick, with the support of Sofia Melon from MusicUNITES and Meagan Van Ahn from El Taller Latino Americano. 

"Newer Sounds" is proud to dedicate a portion of the proceeds to help benefit "MusicUNITES", a non-profit organization dedicated to sustaining music education programs in under-served school districts throughout the country.