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John Ehlis with Rosa Lazar

Guitarist, mandolinist, and multi-instrumentalist John Ehlis continues to surprise and delight audiences with a variety of musical offerings featuring a never ending cast of spirited and talented musicians. He has often been seen at El Taller playing mandolin with Karl Berger's Improvisers Orchestra but has also led his own groups with artists such as Leonor Falcón, Glen Fittin, Olivia Foschi, Yasuno Katsuki, and Sylvain Leroux. Drawn to traditional and folk music from around the world, Ehlis blends the sounds of many cultures into his own unique style.

He is delighted to be sharing the stage with vocalist Rosa Lazar from Granada, Spain, along with Craig Yaremko (woodwinds), Scott Hogan (bass), and David Silliman (drums & percussion).

Since beginning her solo career in 2006, Lazar has been recognized for the great swing feel to her voice and is now considered one of the most sensual jazz singers in Spain. Her recent body of work, "Copla Sketches," mixes Spanish Copla with Jazz. The group will perform special arrangements of Lazar's song with music composed by Ehlis.