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Presentación del libro de Poesía Pose

Presentación del libro de Poesía Pose: "Después de leer esto ya no deberías temerle a los Amish" de Anthony Alves. Esta presentación será en Español, aunque también podría ser con tintes e ínfulas multilingüe.

"This new long poem by Anthony Alves is a spectacular melange of surprises--linguistic, philosophical, political. The images and ideas flow through each other with great spontaneous energy, often returning to specific themes that the poet is intent on exposing. The manner is both serious and playful. The feeling is exhilarating--circular more than linear. This is a trip worth taking."

-Larry Fagin

"Anthony Alves is a live one. In Bookazine, with unflagging exuberance, Alves modifies conceptual thought with unrefined, tasty images to bring about the "Pose Poem's" new kind of comprehensibility. There is an intellectual intent behind his whimsies; they are think-throughable. A fundamental of the Pose Poem is that it is a succession, not a series, of leaps into imagination, coming down each time to an altered contextual platform. It's anarchy with a safety net of Zen. A concluding interview of "NYC" for "RIP" magazine contains, from NYC, a succinct statement of the Pose poet. Who better to say than NYC. Whatever the faux didactics throughout, the praxis is vivid, smart, and compacted, with a literary effect despite its abjuration of the literary. True play in the fields of The Word. Anthony Alves' gift is large."

-John Godfrey