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Wolfe Glass and Band

El Taller will host singer-songwriter Wolfe Glass for a night of original music: Americana, Rock, Blues, Reggae, Rhythm and Blues, and Brazilian music! 

Featuring: Wolfe Glass on vocals and acoustic electric guitar, Donald Nicks on Bass, Justin Wert on Electric Guitar, and Mike Shapiro on drums. 

Since launching his solo career, Wolfe has explored almost every style of popular music. Most recently, he has been influenced by folk, country, and classic rhythm and blues. Now coming full circle, Wolfe has returned to the blues-based music he grew up on. Wolfe is now in the final stages of recording his third album, Life Lesson. Wolfe has added Brazilian popular music (MPB, or Música Popular Brasileira) songs to his repertoire and recently wrote and recorded his first song in Portuguese. He divides his time between Brazil and NYC.