Dindga McCannon, Jessica Lagunas, Margaret Peot: Women Made

On exhibit February 25- April 1

In celebration of Women's History Month, The Grady Alexis gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present Women-Made an exhibit featuring the work of Dindga McCannon, Jessica Lagunas and Margaret Peot; curated by Andrea Arroyo. Women-Made is an exhibition that presents three diverse approaches to concepts of femininity and gender roles.

Dindga McCannon is a Harlem-born painter, printmaker, muralist, author, illustrator and educator whose work has been exhibited extensively. She presents one-of-a-kind art quilts and mixed media works made of fabric, thread, metal, paper, paint, and found objects. She incorporates a variety of materials into intricate layers of texture and color, in works that commemorate well-known and everyday women.

Jessica Lagunas is a New York-based Guatemalan artist; she has exhibited locally and internationally. Lagunas presents two series of collages on vintage prints. Her work deals with the condition of women in contemporary society, questioning their obsessions with body image, beauty, sexuality and ageing.

Margaret Peot is a book artist, printmaker, painter and writer. She is the author of Make Your Mark: Explore Your Creativity and Discover Your Inner Artist. She presents Altered Inkblots a series of elaborate swirls of ink, modified with color pencils to uncover a startling world of fantastic imagery.

Camila SanchezFebruary 2010