Beatrice Coron (France), Maria Dominguez (Puerto Rico), Felipe Galindo (Mexico), Vita Giorgi (Italy), Bernardo Palombo (Argentina), Pei Sun (China) and Yasuyo Tanaka (Japan): Art Without Borders

On exhibit from April 15 - May 29

El Taller Latino Americano presents the exhibition "Art Without Borders", as part of Immigrant Heritage Week 2010, organized by the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs. The exhibition, "Art Without Borders", is curated by Andrea Arroyo and features seven immigrant artists from around the world: Beatrice Coron (France), Maria Dominguez (Puerto Rico), Felipe Galindo (Mexico), Vita Giorgi (Italy), Bernardo Palombo (Argentina), Pei Sun (China) and Yasuyo Tanaka (Japan).

"Art Without Borders" will shed light on the many faces of the immigrant experience, as seen through the eyes of each individual artist. The event supports talented foreign-born, New York-based individual artists, by giving them the opportunity to exhibit and discuss their work. This group includes artists ranging from emerging to established, and who vary in age from their 20's to their 60's, making this event international and intergenerational in nature.

The exhibit features an assortment of subjects and styles. Media includes painting, collage, drawing, paper cut, prints and mixed media. Featured artists are: 

Beatrice Coron (France), has lived in the US, Egypt, Mexico and China. Her work is exhibited extensively and is in collections around the world. She presents intricate paper cuts that explore human interactions.

Maria Dominguez (Puerto Rico), is an artist and educator who has exhibited in the US and Europe. She presents a series of fifteen intimately sized collages from her series "The Healer".

Felipe Galindo (Mexico) is an award-winning artist who has exhibited and published worldwide. Mr. Galindo merges the universal languages of art and humor, to create a world of irony, whimsy and magic.

Vita Giorgi (Sicily, Italy) has lived in the US, Mexico, and Europe. Her work has been exhibited in Mexico, Turkey and the US. Ms. Giorgi works in oil and gold leaf, creating paintings inspired by folk stories and dreams.

Bernardo Palombo (Argentina) is an artist, composer, educator and the Founder/Artistic Director of El Taller Latino Americano. His works are about the creation organic forms and are inspired by the rhythm of mark making in that process. He has worked various media such as leather, paper, canvas, vinyl and acetate.

Pei Sun (China) is an emerging artist who has lived in China, Israel and the US. She presents mixed media works inspired by jazz music.

Yasuyo Tanaka (Japan) is a book conservation technician and artist who has exhibited in New York, Lithuania, Holland and Japan. She presents a series of collographs specially created for "Art Without Borders".