Featuring 26 NY based artists: AriZONA

On exhibit from June 11 to June 26

The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present "AriZONA, Artists Respond to the Immigration Issue" curated by Andrea Arroyo and featuring twenty six New York-based artists. 

Following the approval of the new anti-immigrant law in Arizona, visual artist and curator Andrea Arroyo invited New York artists from diverse backgrounds to participate in this exhibition by creating new work or showing existing work expressing their views on the subject. 

Artists responded enthusiastically, submitting works that address an important contemporary subject in a variety of creative ways. 

The exhibit features works that range from overtly political to nearly abstract, created in drawing, painting, print, collage, photography, new media and sound. 

The aim of this exhibition is to contribute to the conversation on the critical issue of immigration and associated topics, such as human rights, social justice and globalization.

Participating artists include: Heidi Boisvert, Melissa Calderon, Hector Canoge, Patricia Cazorla, Esperanza Cortes, Felipe Galindo, Iliana Emilia Garcia, Nova Gutierrez, Karen Howitt, Randy Jones, John Jonik, Tom Kerr, Martin Kozlowski, Peter Kuper, Alex Morel, Jose Luis Ortiz, Bernardo Palombo, Ric Pliego, Grace Ramirez-Gaston, Kristine Reed, Favianna Rodriguez, Moses Ross, Nancy Saleme, Paul Stetzer, Yasuyo Tanaka and Meagan Van Ahn.