The Palombos: An Immigrant Family

On exhibit from July 1 - August 15

In celebration of the immigrant nature of this country, Founder & Artistic Director of El Taller Latin Americano Bernardo Palombo invites his own family to exhibit their creativity in support of the immigrant cause. According to Palombo and Curator J. Maya Luz, the idea is not to glorify one family, but to show the positive contributions of all immigrants that support "The Country of All People". 

"The Palombos: An Immigrant Family" will feature the work of four generations of artists who work in a wide variety of media including paintings, photography and video. From "Abuelita" Maren, who at the age of 83, has just received her Bachelor's degree to Jorge's construction plans for the Pueblos in New Mexico to the youngest, Nichiren Nahuel, who at the age of 5 is already an avid artist and photographer. 

The aim of this exhibit is confront the destructive commentary surrounding immigrants and in contrast, The Palombos strive to present a positive reality of the immigrant experience in America. 

Meet the artists for a night of music, food, and family at the Opening Reception on Thursday July 1 from 6-8PM at The Grady Alexis Gallery. Admission to the Opening Reception and the exhibit is free. 

According to Graham Green, hate is defined as lack of creativity. It is in that spirit that The Palombo Family dedicates this exhibit in memory of their loving daughter, sister, mother, aunt and homesteader Maren Cristina Palombo. 

Camila SanchezJuly 2010