Radius 12 featuring Malota Perera-Riveroll, Paulina Perera-Riveroll, Peter Kane and Mark Cobrin: Disjointed

On exhibit from November 5 to December 6

RadiusTwelve returns for their second event at the Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano, presenting their own artwork as individual artists. In addition RadiusTwelve will feature a retrospective of "TWO WORDS," their interactive mobile gallery installation which they presented in Galeria Ambulante. 

Co-founded in April 2011 by Paulina Perera-Riveroll, Peter Kane, Mark Cobrin and Malota Perera-Riveroll, RadiusTwelve is a group of independent artists working together to showcase contemporary art. Galería Ambulante is a mobile gallery, exhibiting installations around the city.