Rifka Milder and Arnold Brooks: On The Spot

On exhibit from September 20 to October 31

The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present On The Spot, an exhibition of paintings by New York-based visual artists Rifka Milder and Arnold Brooks. 

This exhibition inaugurates El Taller/The Grady Alexis Gallery's new home in Artspace P.S.109, a building dedicated to the preservation of art and artists in New York's El Barrio. El Taller and the Grady Alexis Gallery present a series of exhibitions, "Encuentros/Encounters", inspired by our vision of this community. On The Spot, features two artists whose works highlight this ideal. 

Milder's and Brooks' works are distinct and demonstrate the individual skill necessary to the expression of their craft, yet we can appreciate how these artists, who have collaborated in projects over many years, have influenced each other. It feels keen and important in a moment where digitalization makes "sharing" instantaneous, to experience a visual conversation that has occurred over time. As we view these glorious works, Milder, whose painterly style is poetic and emotional, and Brooks, whose feels precise, like a composer of expressed color and form, we can imagine a life-time worth of conversations rising and falling spontaneously in chance encounters. 

Rifka Milder is a native New Yorker. A suit of 10 monoprints were recently published by Isthmus Pictures and Sounds. Her paintings are shown and collected internationally. 

Arnold Brooks is a painter, musician, filmmaker, and printmaker born in Panamá. He received a research grant from New School University titled The Alchemical Marriage of Intaglio and Lithography to attempt the combination of Lithography and Intaglio into a single unified technique. He teaches printmaking at Brooklyn College.