Sofia Verzbolovskis: PanaMóvil (Mobile phone photographs of Panama)

On exhibit from June 18 to July 31

The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present PanaMóvil, an exhibition of mobile phone photographs by New York-based visual artist Sofia Verzbolovskis. 

For Ms. Verzbolovskis photography is a way to "capture the hidden geometry of the urban landscape... uncovering the overlooked symmetries of buildings, pedestrians, and daily life on the streets." Her images are spontaneous, gestural and well composed windows into a world that we recognize and that is sometimes exotic, or maybe from a dream. In viewing these images, it is hard not to think about the other windows, other times, like times before the iPhone, when the camera was less ubiquitous. Yet, Sofia's work reminds us that the soul of the artist lives in the artist, not in her camera at all. 

Sofia Verzbolovskis is a Panamanian photographer and writer based in New York. She is a contributor for Huffington Post, where she writes about art, music, and travel. Her photos have been published in Musée Magazine, Huffington Post, Jungles in Paris, La Prensa, among other publications.

Camila SanchezJune 2015