X-it: The Official Line/La Linea Official

On exhibit from April 16 to May 7

We are pleased to present "The Official Line/La Linea Oficial", an exhibition and installation by New York-based visual artist x-it. 

How do we know ourselves? How do others see us? What do we know about someone else? Using redacted documents from the 1970's with hand drawings on Acetate layered over them, the work of the artist x-it tells a compelling story about a paper trail. The artist comments: "Documents and papers act as maps of belonging." This notion is a testament to the past, in the world of documents, and to the present, in the power of our digital footprint that is a not just a map, but a commodity. 

x-it was born to a US citizen and a Resident Alien with citizenship from a South American country. Both of x-it's parents were under surveillance in the 1970's for their "subversive activity". After ten years of fighting federal charges for undisclosed reasons x-it's Resident Alien parent was deported. However, soon after this event a letter arrived absolving said Resident Alien of all charges and allowing the Resident Alien back into the country. x-it was born soon afterwards in the United States of America. 

Camila SanchezApril 2015