Angelo Romano: Angels Over Broadway

On exhibit from December 4 to December 27

"Upper Broadway joins in the tradition of Macy's and 5th Avenue presenting a mystical display for the Holidays, with an Angel-talisman give-away." 

The exhibition features a selection of Romano's characteristic mixed-media works on canvas, paper and found objects. In addition, Mr. Romano, known for his spiritual works, brings the image of hope, health and prosperity with 10-foot Angels that will grace El Taller's Broadway façade for the duration of his exhibition as upper Broadway joins in the tradition of Macy's and 5th Avenue with a mystical display for the Holidays. 

There is art that decorates and art that protects: Angelo's art transforms. Romano is best known for his angels, one-inch-square protective talismans that he distributes freely to all; he has sent over 70,000 of these hand-painted angels to troubled parts of the world. People feel a personal connection with Angelo's art. All of them see something familiar in it: "This sculpture looks so much like a Russian icon!" Another person sees Aztec designs, and still another defines Angelo as an "ultramodernist". Angelo, however, paints without worrying about which category he belongs to. 

Angelo's work emphasizes the importance of recycling and the frugal use of available materials. He paints bottles, old shoes, frying pans. He rescues from the trash what others throw away and lovingly returns it transformed into art. His largest projects have been accomplished with mostly recycled materials. International art historian and critic, Juan Ramírez de Lucas, notes that "the naïf painter paints with such love that it is difficult to find the same strength of emotion in other types of art." Angelo Romano is not just an artist, he is a creative force. "Angelo Romano believes in miracles: His paintings have provoked many of them. Angelo Romano believes in angels: He paints them and puts them up all over the city of New York. This is his way of humanizing the metropolis, of creating positive energy." Bernardo Palombo, El Puente Latino. 

Romano, artist-in-residence at El Taller since 1995, has produced a vast body of work: theater sets in auditoriums and clubs, frescos in cathedrals, designs for totems and clothes, masks, furniture and free standing sculptures. His work about AIDS is exhibited in hospitals, cultural centers and universities. His exhibition record includes over 300 shows and is represented in scores of museums and private collections in Europe, Latin and North America, including Museo del Barrio - New York; Hostos Community College; Museo de Arte Popular - Albacete, Spain; Museo de Arte De Ponce, Ponce - Puerto Rico; Museo de Arte Moderna - Rio de Janeiro. Private collections include the Prince of Bourbon, the Duchess of Alba, and the Rockefeller family. 

During the exhibition, Angelo will continue his custom of good-will by offering his popular hand-painted and signed "Angel" talismans free to all visitors of the Grady Alexis Gallery. Additionally, a special selection of small-scale affordable works will be available for purchase during the opening reception. 

Exhibition curated by Jennifer Pliego and Bernardo Palombo.

Camila SanchezDecember 2008