Jennifer Pliego: Elder Flowers

On exhibit from March 10 - 30

The Grady Alexis Gallery at Taller Latino Americano is pleased to announce Elder Flowers, an exhibition by artist J. Maya Luz. The exhibition features color prints of flowers past the normal span of life usually referred to as its prime.

With the use of a scanner and Photoshop, Maya Luz creates intricate images that use the decomposition of a flower as a symbol for maturation, wisdom and mortality. Beautiful and contemplative, these images are reminiscent of nineteenth and twentieth century master photographs yet are contemporary in both their style and their technical achievement.

One of the featured works, titled "Tulip", depicts a flower that has lost most of it's petals, yet the transformation that has occurred, despite this loss, is a heightened effect in the coloration of the remaining petals - asking the viewer to extend one's notion of beauty and reveling in how its natural process reveals different aspects of its character. Maya Luz posits that our humanity and strength develop on a similar course.

J. Maya Luz is Artist-In-Residence at El Taller Latino Americano. She has photographed many of the notable musicians and artists that have performed and exhibited there. She has exhibited in New York galleries and abroad. In 2005 one her bodies of work, "DAR A LUZ/BRING TO LIGHT", was selected to visually represent the Pan American Health Organization's concept - "Make Every Mother and Child Count". This is her third solo exhibition at the Grady Alexis Gallery.

Exhibition curated by Jennifer Pliego and Bernardo Palombo.