Oscar Pardo: Reflection Over Water

On exhibit from April 9 - May 15

The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to announce Reflection Over Water, an exhibition by artist Oscar Pardo. Pardo shows new works that reveal the textures and forms of water as observed from above. 

Pardo, an artist well known for his unique application of Sumi-e, an Asian brush technique, demonstrates his mastery of brush work in these sea abstractions where his limited palate gives way to spontaneous forms and textures. Aquatic filigree, bubbles of light and lace dance in his compositions. "Throughout history cultures have revered water as essential to sustain life." writes Pardo. He continues "I am interested in the sea as abstraction, and abstraction is the essence of form."

In one of the featured works, titled "Sea View 16" wave like forms in hues of blue hold our gaze; a brown is lain in a steady stroke - is it land or the ocean depths? White accents shift our perception of space again - are we in the clouds or riding the waves? Kinetic, energetic and like the sea calming, Pardo has produced the essence of water in these striking paintings. 

Oscar Pardo was born in Mendoza, Argentina in 1946, within a family of artists. Raised at the skirts of the Andes, he was strongly attracted by the magnificence of the mountains and of Nature itself. This lead him to mountain climbing, reaching instructor level. He has worked with Grupo Vocacional América"- Audiovisual Experimental group, Mendoza, Argentina-1963, "El Grupo"- Latin American music, poetry and art - New York- 1977, "Mural Andino"- Stone Wall Art in Mendoza, Argentina-1982. His Sumi-e studies were taken at the Koho Yamamoto School, in Soho; Budo studies, (Zen Archery) at the Buddhism Church in New York; and Zen Painting classes at Amherst University. He has lived in Puerto Rico since 1980. Pardo's work has been exhibited widely throughout the Americas. His last exhibition was reviewed in the Business of Puerto Rico Magazine and Arte Latinoamericano magazine. 

Exhibition curated by Jennifer Pliego and Bernardo Palombo.