Three Women: Three Visions

On exhibit from June 4 - July 3

The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to announce Three Women, Three Visions, an exhibition of paintings, prints and mixed media works by artists Camille Eskell, Maria Dominguez and Anne Humanfeld. 

Camille Eskell presents large-scale images of women "Working in mixed media, I combine a variety of techniques, such as drawing, printing, found objects and fabrics. Questions of tradition, seduction, complacency, and pattern are implied through the use of lace, a material dense with connotations and familiar to me since childhood through a long-standing family business interwoven in our lives." 

Maria Dominguez presents paintings on canvas from her Jazz inspired series titled Hot House. "The deep contrasting colors are gathered from my photos of live performances. Musicians are immersed by traveling color spotlights and are transformed almost into caricatures".

Anne Humanfeld presents acrylic transfers on canvas and glassine "These pictures originate in reworking discovered fragments of graphic imagery. Recombining these elements opens into the energy of my own visual universe through a process of free association. The work evolves out of human curiosity as in archaeology or dissection, becoming a series of illustrations of my story." 

Exhibition curated by Andrea Arroyo.