Grady Alexis: Retrospective

On exhibit from March 28 & 31

El Taller Latino Americano's Grady Alexis Gallery presents an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by the artist Grady Alexis.

Grady died in 1991 in a controversial traffic incident on 8th street in the East Village at the age of 26. The retrospective will take place on Friday and Saturday March 28 and 29. El Taller plans to mount a month-long show in the fall of 2008 and hopes to locate more of his work for the expanded retrospective.

Grady came the United States from Haiti and lived in Miami before finally arriving on the lower east side. In 1986 he became "artist-in-residence" at El Taller when it moved to East 2nd Street. Although he used El Taller as a base for his work and life, Grady knew many people and collaborated with a number of artists, including Thom Corn and the art installation group known as "The Maroons".

In the spirit of the Grady's collaborative work, Bernardo Palombo, artistic director of El Taller, has organized the recreation of the mural "The Birth of the Sun'. It was originally painted by Grady and hung at the Taller for a number of years before being stolen, lost or destroyed. Many artists and friends of Grady have participated in its recreation, and friends of Grady are invited to come to the Taller to help complete it before the exhibition.

The retrospective will feature art by Grady that is owned by Thom Corn and by EJ, who were both close friends of his. It will also include art that was left at the Taller when Grady passed away.

Tom Campbell, a local filmmaker, is completing a short movie about Grady and the times in which he lived. If anyone who knew Grady would like to share stories about him, or add their own touch to the completion of the mural, please contact El Taller or Tom Campbell at