Leandro Maciel

On exhibit from February 27 - March 26

El Taller Latino Americano's Grady Alexis Gallery presents a series of drawings by Leandro Maciel. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Maciel moved to New York City in 1997. Although music and sound design are his specialty, he is a self-taught artist for whom art is an old love he's been"in and out of since childhood". Using color pencils, sticks and markers, paper and fixatives, Maciel has created this amazing series of drawings.

Maciel explains,"We know our creative ideas for artwork often come from images and events we have experienced. These memories are influential to our conscious creation."

But what about the imagery and events we haven't experienced, those which aren't necessarily ours but rather part of a collective consciousness? How do these influence the creation of art?

"In this work I explore this question. In most cases the pieces are not planned, I make no sketches, but basically try to empty my mind in front of the blank page and do my best to summon the dreams and sensations from the time I was a child, the time of the military dictatorship in Argentina."

See more about Leandro Maciel at: www.leandromaciel.com.

Camila SanchezFebruary 2008