Ricardo Blanco Gonzalez: Painting, Prints and Cuts

Ricardo Blanco Gonzalez began painting when he was three years old. Since then, painting, and creating art in general, has been his refuge. His talents were noticed early, and he received a scholarship to St. Louis University for his accomplishments in art. After studying for two years, he left to work independently.

During the following five to six years he worked more on poetry than painting. He calls his poems "HIKE - OOZE"

Someone is laughing
The smile lingers beyond time
I don't follow minds.

His work is about memory. "Colors from European stained glass in childhood trips to churches. Vietnamese suffering (on the television), images of the earth as it was first seen as whole - and its destruction. " There is a physical and emotional component to the work. The two are used singularly as a means to express the complexity of Mr. Blanco Gonzalez's experience. We sense his need to find grounding through his use of color and stroke. This has the effect of seeing them as one sees the city at night - driving quickly through rainy streets - leaving only a stream of color and line behind: impressions. These works are a colorful journey for the eye, and yet their beauty is deeper because they evoke the mystery of the emotional world.

Mr. Gonzalez lives and works in Winetka, Illinois. This will be his first exhibition at the Grady Alexis Gallery.