LIFE TRACK: Paintings and Sculpture by Rosa, Siu-Mui Tog


Rosa, Sui-Miu Tong has studied painting, drawing, Chinese Oracle writing, Stone Engraving, Stone Carving and wood Carving. This multitalented artist will exhibit her works for the first time in New York City at the Grady Alexis Gallery mid-July through mid-September. The works are aesthetically pleasing and lend themselves to another level of discourse through color and form. Her paintings are an interesting mix of formality and spontaneity. The same tension applies to her stone sculptures where the forms refer to the classical yet unexpectedly take ones eye on an exploration that is unique .

An avid traveler, Tong has an eclectic vocabulary of form: we find influences of the impressionist masters, classical Chinese calligraphy and organic form. Rosa, Siu-Mui Tong was born in Hong Kong. Under British rule, the environment was a diverse cultural experience where East met West. In 1982, she was inspired to create her first water color painting. She discovered an innate ability to design with color that later would land her a design position with a German garment importer. This job cultivated her color sensibility and enabled her to travel to broaden her cultural experience.