The Tlaloques by Héctor Olivares


Through a legion of characters named The Tlaloques, Olivares explores the man as a being that mutates through time. This exhibit features some 22 drawings in figurative and abstract style using the conté media.

In my work, the cosmos is a system and this system is created by The Tlaloques. They are the bridge between us and the cosmos. They are time, speed, energy, movement, space... They are driver and vehicle at he same time. They themselves are the rain.

These images are the product of a childhood evocation. They are shreds of time from my memory.
Héctor Olivares

"The work of Héctor Olivares occurs in this unusual world where shapes acquire a density and weight that closely relates to life itself; where gravity incarnates a moral, rather than a physical dimension."
     Eduardo Antonio Parra, Mexican writer

"In this new valorization, Olivares leaves behind the cannon of classical sculpture and its representation of equilibrium and gravity. He goes, instead, for incredible acts of acrobatics, figures in flight, fish people, he goes for the man who keeps the rock of conscience, for Tlamatini: Knowledge, and for the duality that is part of everybody and everything and that he has represented in an impossible hug."
     Cándida Portugés, Noticias del Mundo