Martin Hechtman: On Seeing

Martin Hechtman's photographs are interesting and intricate. His images of reflections are collages of our mundane world: a concert of the coincident placement of shop windows filled with goods, people walking on the street, moments of sunlit spaces — layered and layered within the frame. These photographs capture all that is in our peripheral vision, yet hardly is ever recognized; perhaps it is our speed as we race to appointments and to catch trains, or our preoccupations that keep us from noticing. Perhaps these tableaus are so much a part of our world that we would never think to notice them. 

“In Photography we tend to focus on an object, ignoring the myriad images that are included in what we observe! I am attempting to bring all these mind sensations into focus. In essence, visual thinking expressed as focused chaos before the mind chooses its subject.” writes Hechtman. 

What will you notice? 

Native New Yorker, Martin Hechtman, has been around photography and media for most of his life. He was a photographer in the Navy, been a specialist in photographing jewelery, worked as an Art Director for Madison Avenue Advertising agencies, and now has devoted himself to what he enjoys most: making images. 

He has had several one man shows in New York State. The Grady Alexis Gallery is happy to present him in his first exhibition at El Taller.

Camila SanchezFebruary 2005