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35 Years Taller Presents: Leo Genovese & The Favela

El Taller Latino Americano is proud to bring back Leo Genovese & The Favela, as part of our 35th Anniversary celebration - 35 Years Taller. 

More than a concert, the night marks the alignment of the space time continuum, the eyes of all one-eyed deer, and the sonics within the galaxy, as Leo happens to be celebrating, like El Taller, 35 Years of existence upon this planet. 

From the mythical town of El Venado Tuerto in the Argentinian Pampas comes Leo Genovese, a daring instrumentalist and composer who boldly traverses the lesser-known corners of the musical landscape, moving effortlessly between the melodic and chromatic. On Monday night, he will perform with the Favela, a group of diversely-talented, classically-trained musicians who are willing to stare down the devil together and explore the wide-ranging traditions of Jazz, World and Latin music.  

For more information on Leo Genovese and his musical experiments, please visit his page.