Common Grounds: Coffee inspired art from around the world

On exhibit from November 6 to December 2, 2013

The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present "COMMON GROUNDS - Coffee inspired art from around the world" an exhibition of traditional and contemporary art created by artists from Colombia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and the US. 

Showcasing a remarkable collection of artworks, this exhibition aims to increase awareness of the economic, political, environmental and social impact of the coffee trade in communities around the world. 

The exhibition features works in an assortment of styles, including meticulously detailed oil paintings by artists from the Mayan villages of Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, as well as humorous, conceptual and political works in drawing, collage, photography, ceramic and animation created by a group of twenty international artists based in New York and Berlin. 

Participating Artists: Mariano Chavajay, Gregorio Coche, Antonio Coche Mendoza, Angelina Quic Ixtamer, and Jose Antonio Pur González (Guatemala,) Alexis Duque, Lina Puerta (Colombia,) Scherezade García (Dominican Republic,) Klaus Bortoluzzi, Uli Brahmst, Felix Carl, Esther Dorit Fritzsche, Denise S. Puri, Annette Stieger, Tamara Trölsch (Germany,) Andrea Arroyo, Felipe Galindo (Mexico,) Teresa Carvallo (Peru,) Patricia Cazorla, Luis Lara Malvacias, Beatriz Helena Ramos, Nancy Saleme (Venezuela,) Stevenson Estimé and Kay Gordon (USA.) 

Curated by Andrea Arroyo